Directions & Contact Info.

We are on Orchard Street that is across from the hilltop post office. If you pass the unemployment office going toward the post office turn right on the next street !! We would love to see you there !!! 


Church Location & Address: 1906 Orchard Street,


Telephone :812-273-3012


Richard Gourley (812) 273-1213 or (812) 599-6072

Don Perkins (812) 866-4871 or (812) 493-5369

Jim Tilley (812) 866-4268 or (812) 493-3832

Tim Ehlers (812) 493-8537 or (812) 493-8523

Terry Preston (812) 273-2372 or (812) 493-3502

Josh Burkhardt (812) 663-2321 or (812) 274-0692


Dear Church Family,
Should there be a need to have contact with the Deacons, Please feel free to use the above contact information. This information can be posted in your home or office, allowing you access to your deacons at anytime. Just let your fingers do the walking. God bless and keep each and every one of you,
Your Deacons


If the case of death or emergency please contact Pastor Frank