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JUNE 2019


The Extra Mile
Near midnight. My wife and I were driving home from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where our son Randy was a junior English major. Rita was asleep in the passenger seat.
I headed north, wondering what on earth had possessed us to take the afternoon off to make the trek to campus and back, a six-hour round trip slogging through the towns dotting Highway 47. All for nothing.
For weeks Randy had been telling me how much fun he was having playing intramural coed flag football. Maybe it was his talk of diving catches and trick plays, but I’d felt this sudden urge to cheer him on, like we had in high school.
Just several hours earlier Rita and I had met him at the field. It was a
crisp fall evening—perfect football weather. I was pumped.
Randy introduced us to his teammates. “You really came all this way just to see us?” they asked incredulously.
The cheering section consisted of Rita, me and an injured player on crutches. But we didn’t mind. We watched the kids stretch and warm up, run through some drills and then…there was some sort of delay.
Randy ran over. “The other team had to forfeit,” he said. “They don’t have enough players.”
I tried to hide my disappointment. No big deal. Unless you’d just driven three hours to get here. We took Randy out for pie and coffee. Nice, but I’d had my heart set on seeing him in action. I’d wanted to cheer for my son.Now, slowing the car to a crawl through the town of Yorkville, I couldn’t help thinking that the whole idea had been foolish. I was behind on work. I really needed to clean out the garage.
I thought of all the T-ball games and soccer matches, band concerts and science fairs I’d gone to over the years for our five children.
Once Rita and I even snuck into Randy’s English class to see him perform in a skit. We had been the only parents there that day too. I’d worked hard to be a supportive dad, but was I trying too hard?
Ahead I saw a bridge crossing over the Fox River. A distant memory stirred…from back when I was a Boy Scout.
Every fall our troop made a two-day, 40-mile canoe journey down the Fox.
There was one year I would never forget. My dad dropped my brother Mark and me at the launch, made sure our life vests were snug and said goodbye as our flotilla set off. I plunged my paddle into the water and pulled hard, then lifted and stroked again. Mark, in front, did the same.
Before long we had a good rhythm going. I wish Dad could see us, I thought.
About a mile downriver we came to a bridge. I looked up and there he was. Dad, standing right in the middle of the span. He didn’t shout instructions or do anything cheering me on.
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 June 3rd – ABM Picnic HEBRON
 June 4th – Game Day
 June 5th – Leaders Meeting
 June 5th – WADYS Devotion Meeting
 June 12th – Life Reserves Meeting
 June 15th – Fathers Night Out
 June 18th – ABW Meeting
 June 18th – Game Day
 June 19th – WADYS Movie Meeting
 June 19th – River Trace Ministry
 June 19th – Pizza Hut
 June 26th – Life Reserves Meeting

Squeakers The Church Mouse

Well here it is June already!! Summer is upon us!! Are you in a rut? It happens sometimes, same thing all the time we just go through the motions!! It can happen with your walk with Jesus too. Take a break and enjoy this devotional. And remember to drop them crumbs for this old church mouse!! God bless you all.
Spiritual A.D.D.
When a new object or stimulus is introduced to our environment, we are intensely aware of it, but the awareness fades over time. So, for instance, when we first begin to wear a new wristwatch, we feel it on our wrist constantly, but after a while we don’t even notice that it’s there.
When people move into a new home, they generally have a list of things they must repair or remodel because the sight of them is intolerable. Five years later, they may still have the same list, but the lack of repair doesn’t bother them anymore.
One of the greatest challenges in life is fighting what might be called spiritual habituation. We simply drift into acceptance of life in spiritual maintenance mode. We rationalize it because we think, “I’m not involved in major scandalous sin. I haven’t done anything to jeopardize getting into
heaven. I’m doing okay.” And we forget that Jesus never said, “I have come that you might do okay.” Okay is not okay. We have a kind of spiritual attention deficit disorder that God will have to break through.
When life is on spiritual autopilot, rivers of living water do not flow through it with energy and joy. Instead it looks like this:
I yell at my children.
I worry too much about money or my job.
I get jealous of people more successful or attractive than I.
I use deception to get out of trouble.
I pass judgment on people, often when I am secretly jealous of them.
Spiritual habituation is in some ways more dangerous than spiritual depravity because it can be so subtle, so gradual. Mostly it involves a failure to see. We are drawn to children and saints and poets because they notice things that the rest of us have forgotten to see. “I hold this against you,” Jesus said to the church at Ephesus. “You have forsaken your first love.”
In Genesis 28, God sent Jacob a dream at Bethel. So why doesn’t he send us all dreams every night? Why doesn’t he make every day a rainbow day and send epiphanies twenty-four-seven? Maybe it’s because God wants us to learn to see him in the ordinary rather than be dependent on the extraordinary. Maybe it’s because if God regularly satisfied our demand for special effects it would be like a mother who inadvertently trains her children to pay attention
only when she raises her voice. Maybe the reason God lowers his voice is so we will learn to pay attention.
Maybe ordinary days aren’t “ordinary” at all, but part of the required course to develop wonder-filled eyes and praise-fluent tongues.
Perhaps our capacity to pay attention to God — like the capacity to lift weights or speak Spanish — only gets stronger when it gets exercised.
Walk through yesterday in your mind with God,
asking where he was present and at work in each scene. Start with the moment when you woke up … what were your first thoughts? Then go on from one scene to the next through your day. What patterns are emerging?
Look and listen to see how God is speaking to you through these daily scenes.
© 2014 by Zondervan. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Visit for more about John Ortberg’s work and ministry

Well here it is June already. What a special time of the year. Summer means fishing, picnics, Father’s Day!!, Weddings! Well let’s talk about Father’s day. I think of God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, Joseph earthly father of Jesus. Also, I think of my father, my son and grandkids.
I pray for those mothers who are raising their kids alone. I pray they have father mentors like a pastor, coach, grandfather, uncle someone to help.
Call your dad if he is still around before memories are all you have.
God, Our Father. Bless these men, that they may find strength as fathers. Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.
God bless you all.
Deacon Tim Ehlers
Verse of the Month
Ephesians 6:4
And you, fathers, do not
provoke your
children to wrath, but
bring them up in the
training and admonition
of the Lord.


Well, May’s weather has certainly been interesting! But we have been blessed and watched over, and we need to keep those around us who have had tornadoes and flooding in our prayers. There has been so much destruction, but thank the Lord the casualties have not been as bad as they could have been. Just keep these people and everyone in prayer when there are storms. We had our regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 23, at Ethel’s Place, with six ladies present. We had a good time visiting and discussing our business. Our Bible book for the month of June will be I Chronicles. That will make for some nice summer reading. We had a lovely day on May 11 when we recognized Ethel Lamb as our first inductee into our Hall of Fame. Several members of her family had come to town for Mother’s Day, and it worked out great for them to be there that day along with several of our church members. Nancy and Cindy did a wonderful job of doing the program and getting the articles for the presentations to Ethel. A big THANK YOU to them for all they did, and to our ABW ladies for the great refreshments of cookies and punch. Coming up in July will be our all-church picnic on Sunday evening, July 14, at 5:00 p.m. We will be having chicken, smoked by Paul Greer! We will also furnish the drinks and plates and dinnerware. Just bring a covered dish with your favorite side. We have some interesting entertainment planned. Put this date on your calendar now. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 18, at 6:30 p.m., at Ethel’s Place. See you there!
God Bless! Mary

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