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APRIL 2018

From the Desk of Pastor Frank

IWell, I must say God has been working in the hearts and lives of each person at North Madison Baptist church. God deserves our Gratitude and Praise for sending us many new people that have united with our church family. I encourage each of you to be diligent in your service and witnessing to the people in your presence each day.

I would like to start a night for visitation each month. This will be for outreach purpose only. We would need names and addresses of people that you would like to have a visit made to them. I have tried this in the past. I just feel the need to try it again. We must never stop in working to reach people
for God’s Kingdom. We never know which heart God has softened to receive the Gospel, it may be behind the door we are knocking on that evening.
George Sweeting, in his book The No-Guilt Guide for Witnessing, tells of a man by the name of John Currier who in 1949 was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Later he was transferred and paroled to work on a farm near Nashville, Tennessee.
In 1968, Currier’s sentence was terminated, and a letter bearing the good news was sent to him. But John never saw the letter, nor was he told anything about it. Life on that farm was hard and without promise for the future. Yet John kept doing what he was told even after the farmer for whom he worked had died.
Ten years went by. Then a state parole officer learned about Currier’s plight, found him, and told him that his sentence had been terminated. He was a free man.
Sweeting concluded that story by asking, “Would it matter to you if someone sent you an important message — the most important in your life — and year after year the urgent message was never delivered?”
We who have heard the good news and experienced freedom through Christ are responsible to proclaim it to others still enslaved by sin. Are we doing all we can to make sure that people get the message?
Pastor Frank


Pastor Frank (Gal. 2:20)


Senior Ministry From Rev. Dr. Stan Reedy


The 1st quarter of this year is history. Can you believe it? A lot has taken place during the 1st quarter we’ve had bad weather, many of us have experienced sickness of one kind or another, but God has brought us through it and into the month of April. We’re told that April showers bring May flowers. I wonder if that includes “snow” showers?

Lord willing maybe we can get back to our regular schedule. This month we’ll have WADYS on April 11th & April 25th. We’re also planning a Saturday trip to Our Best Restaurant in Smithfield, KY. If you’re interested in going you’ll need to sign up so we’ll know if there’s enough interested to plan the trip. They open at 11 a.m. so we’ll probably leave around 10 a.m. that morning & head over there.

We had a great group in our Adult Bible study Sunday night (25). I hope you’ll make plans to take part in that time together. We started a study on the biblical evidence that Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again. I’m calling it: CSI: Crucifixion Scene Investigation. After we finish it we’re going to start a study on the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to come out and get involved as we seek to study, understand & most importantly, live God’s Word.

Let’s be in prayer for some of our folks as they’re going through different health issues: Paul & Rose West, Danny & Noreen McKeand, Marjorie Ralston, Jerry & Pat Dunn. May the Lord bless us & may He work through us so that we can be a blessing to those around us.

Bro. Stan & Linda




 Apr 2nd – ABM Meeting
 Apr 4th – Ministry Leaders Meeting
 Apr 7th – Pure Country and Gospel Music
 Apr 11th – WADYS Meeting
 Apr 17th – ABW Meeting
 Apr 18th – Pizza Hut Fundraiser
 Apr 25th – WADYS Meeting
 Apr 26th – ABW Spring Conference
 Apr 29th – ABW State Project Dinner

Squeakers The Church Mouse


Hello fellow Christians!! Well spring is getting a slow start, but it’s here!! We are celebrating our Risen Lord!! Easter and spring is a time of renewal. Do you need to renew your walk with Jesus?

Have a great spring and keep dropping them crumbs!!

Here is something to think about.

Risky Business

Acts 16:16–34

Recommended Reading: Matthew 6:21–26; 2 Corinthians 4:7–18; 1 Peter 4:12–19

After working together for nearly a year, John and Dave became good friends. Dave supervised John at work, but the two men shared a mutual interest in water sports. They even spent a few weekends wakeboarding together at a nearby lake. One afternoon at the end of the workday, Dave asked John if he wanted to grab some dinner. While they were eating, Dave commented to John, “You know, you just seem different from the other people I supervise. What is it?” With that opening, John shared his faith in Jesus. Dave nodded his head politely, but didn’t enter the discussion. The next morning, the way Dave treated John suddenly changed. The joking stopped, as did their daily discussions about water sports. After he later lost a job promotion that required a positive reference from Dave, John finally confronted his former wakeboarding partner. “What happened at dinner last month?” he asked. “All of a sudden I feel like you’re
treating me like a leper.” “Look,” Dave replied, “I don’t appreciate people trying to ‘convert’ me. And I have no tolerance for any religion that claims to be the only way to God.” With that, the conversation ended. Within six months, John was laid off. Let’s face it: Our faith sometimes causes us problems. It’s always been that way. When Paul and Silas delivered a slave girl from spiritual oppression, their actions resulted in a citywide uproar. Authorities accused them of advocating unlawful practices counterproductive to Roman society. The magistrate ordered them beaten and thrown into jail. While we might not risk imprisonment or beating, when we follow Jesus we do risk accusations of proselytizing or of being too spiritually narrow. Our stand for faith might even result in ridicule, rejection and discrimination. Paul and Silas responded by allowing themselves to suffer on behalf of Jesus. In the midst of their suffering, they even invited their jailer into a relationship with Jesus. While we might not suffer to the extent Paul and Silas did, we can still choose to make spiritually correct choices, as they did. We can follow in their footsteps—standing for our faith and even inviting our enemies into a relationship with Jesus.

To Take Away

Have you taken a risky stand for your faith? When? What was the outcome?

Read Romans 5:1–5. What do you think suffering for your faith teaches you?

How can you be better prepared to suffer for Jesus?


  Hey church! It’s hard to believe it’s April already. We have had a variety of weather, typical for Indiana. Easter is here and what a great, wondrous, magical time it is. We think about and pray to Jesus all the time, but it hits hard as we realize how Jesus died to open our personal relationship with God. Our church is a close, personal family. Jesus says love one another, which is what I see in our church.
In my devotional reading from “Jesus Calling”, it says, “Be still in My Presence, even though countless tasks clamor for your attention. Nothing is as important as spending time with Me. While you wait in My Presence, I do My best work within you: transforming you by the renewing of your mind. If you skimp on this time with Me, you may plunge headlong into the wrong activities, missing the richness of what I have planned for you.
Do not seek Me primarily for what I can give you. Remember that I, the Giver, am infinitely greater than any gift I might impart to you. Though I delight in blessing My children, I am deeply grieved when My blessings become idols in their
hearts. Anything can be an idol if it distracts from Me as your First Love. When I am the ultimate Desire of your heart, you are safe from the danger of idolatry. As you wait in My Presence, enjoy the greatest gift of all: Christ in you, the hope of Glory!”
As always, love one another, and if you need ANYTHING, call on one of us deacons or our pastors. We are here for you.

Verse of the Month

JOHN 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.





  I guess March is going out like a lion since this weather has been a little “crazy” the last few days! We had six ladies brave the weather Tuesday night, March 20, with snow predicted. We did have snow falling when we left to go home, but when we got downtown to take Betty home, there was no snow in the downtown area! It was only on the hilltop. You never know what you’re gonna get around here! Today as I write this we have had snow, rain, sleet, and more snow. But it is supposed to get warmer next week, I hope. Come on spring! We’re waiting for you to stay! As you are sitting around waiting for spring, you can read your Bible book for April which is Jeremiah. It should give you some interesting reading to keep you warm. We have reached half of our $200.00 goal for the America for Christ offering. Hopefully we will get the other $100.00 in the next few weeks. We made plans for the State Project Dinner on Sunday, April 29. We will be having salads, casseroles, and desserts after the morning worship service. For those of you who are not familiar with this dinner, we do this to raise funds for our state project which this year is the Center for Missions in the Phillipines. They bought property several years ago and are now ready to begin building dorms. Our ABW group provides a dinner and asks for donations so we can send our part for this project. So put this date on your calendar and plan to attend. We are much better than McDonalds, Wendy’s, or even the Pines, and all we ask is a donation! Spring Conference this year is on Thursday, April 26, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. All ladies in the church are invited to attend. There will be a pitch-in supper and meeting with a speaker. We will meet at the church and go together probably about 4:30 p.m. I will let you know for sure when I get the time. We hope to take a good group. Since the weather was bad, we took our bandages home with us to roll. We will have about 85 to send when they are all done. Thanks to all who helped. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 17, at 6:30 p.m., at Ethel’s Place. Hope to see you there!

God Bless!




Bring one nonperishable item
per person for the
House of Hope
Basket in the foyer


Jefferson County

House of Hope Pantry

They are in the lower level
of the Clearing-House Project Facility at
100 East Second Street
in downtown Madison




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